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Life, is like, the changing, rearranging--WEATHER Never -really -really--knowing --what-- to --expect, --any --time --of --the --day --for --absolute--SURE
The -sun -can -be -out -shining -beautiful, -brilliant,-and- wonderful,- and--so--so---BRIGHT And -crackling -thunderous -lightening- can -bolt -thunder- and- crackle -with -great -great-great---dangerous --LIGHTENING--freightening----MIGHT
A -simple -rain -shower -in- the-desert- so -scorched--and --hot--HOT--and--HOT Can -result -in.- Flash -rapid -moving -rush -of- water, -and --wash-- away --all --that --you--have--and--GOT
In the late spring as the birds chirp and--SING An --unpredictable--severe--blizzard --storm -- in--the--late--spring--far--from--the--norm--warm--can --suddenly --unexpectedly--shockingly-- move --IN
The -winds -can- be -so -so-so-soothing --cooling --and--REFRESHING Until- a -dangerous--tornado --comes--a-- twisting --and--twirling--through,--and --devastating --and--destroying --each --and --EVERYTHING
In -our -life-, living,- and --LOVE--, things --can --change --suddenly --and --change --and --rearrange, --in --a ---HEART-BEAT Like ---the ---changing ---and ---rearranging ---weather--- as ---in ---our ---life ---all ---challenges ---we ---come ---to--- MEET In -our- life, -living, -and -LOVE, -just --as--with--the --changing--rearranging--WEATHER We --need-- to --IMPROVISE---ADAPT--, and --OVERCOME--any-- and --all, --OBSTACLES----and ---STRIVE----to ---THRIVE---and --SURVIVE
By john d jungers

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Life is like the changing rearranging weather