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Sommer's Angel

Sommer's Angel

It's Sommer's Angel Jesus
Please hear me
From your celestial throne
I have received your message
That I will soon be coming home

I am worried for my parents
What will become of their hearts
They have been here right beside me
When each new illness found its start

You told me Father as I left you
That my life's mission was to be
To let my heart shine brightly
For all the world to see

I have suffered in this body
But whenever I have cried
You have come
And softly whispered

You will again soon fly

To fly again in heaven
And to sit beside your throne
Will be such a joyous moment
I will again be truly home

I wish God that I could stay here
I love my family so
Their hearts will soon be broken
When it is time for me to go

I'm sorry Dear Jesus
I know that is not your plan
But I am both
Just a little girl and your angel
It's just sometimes . . .
Hard for me to understand

Please hold them very closely Lord
My journey now has come
To where I must now leave them
My mission here is done

You sent me as an angel
In a baby's form disguised
All too soon my time is ended
It hurts to leave their lives

Of all the children of your world
I have been so truly loved
To be this child for just awhile
I cannot thank you enough

I truly thought I understood
That I would only be here for awhile
My mission to show to the world
All that was pure and good
Within an angel's heart and smile

Father please forgive me
But to leave them
Is so very hard for me to do
They are my Mommy and my Daddy
Even in my angel's hue

I have always loved them
With the purity of a child
With them I have been happy
To loose my wings for but a while

Remind them in the years ahead
That I am ALWAYS near
That you gave to them an angel
Who shares her heart forever here

I guess now I am ready
For my final journey to begin
Please comfort the hearts
That hold me
As I spread my wings again


In Loving Memory
Of A true earth angel

Sommer left this world
Just before her
Seventh birthday

In the year 2017
She would now be
Thirty-nine years old

Sommer was not my child
But she was so much
A part of me

There was no one that
Ever met her that
She did not touch
With her bravery
And her smile

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel


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Sommer`s Angel

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