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When a child sighs and cries and cries with hurtful painful--tears--in--their--pretty--little--EYES You -know -the --type--of--CRY--and--the--hurtfulness is no--DISQUISE
A child may CRY, and--WHINE When they dont get their own way every--TIME
A --child --will --CRY and--CRY--and--CRY--when-- in --hurt--and--discomfort--and--PAIN If -they -fall, -and -get -bumped- and -hurt- the --SAME
A ---child ---CRIES--with--emotional--and--watery--watery--EYES When -they -want --their--own--way--and--something -more -in -DISQUISE
A --little--childs-- TEARS Represents--their--hurts--and--FEARS
A - child - will -CRY When -something, -they -want -NOW- is -NOT-given -right -away, -and -they dont-want-to-listen--and-- understand --just--WHY
A ---child ---will ---CRY ---when ---pain ---they --discomfortably--FEEL When -a -child -cries --and--cries--and--cries--your --heart--they--break--and-- STEAL
Its-- VERY--VERY--VERY--hurtful,-- to --hear --a --child --CRY--as--a--father--of--children--of--EIGHT--and--a--grand--pa--of--four--i--cannot--DENY As--a--parent --the -different -degrees- of --CRY-- a -parent -will -instantly--know --just --WHY
A -parent -will -know -if -its. -A -Hurtful,- painful- or -a-whining-- CRY With-- any --of--a--childs-- CRY --attention,--or--redirection,-- a --parent-- has --to --be --QUICK --to --HOLD --and --COMFORT--or--to--, SCOLD-- and --TEACH --them --not --to --whine--and--fake--CRY---and --the--reason--WHY
The--sound --of--a --child --crying--and--crying--and--CRYING Is -very -very-very-hurtful --as --a --parent --their --is --no --DENYING
Seeing- a --childs-- eyes,-- full --of --hurtful --tears, --and --deep--deep--deep--PAIN Hurts. ---A ---Parent ---and ---a ---grand-pa, ---so ---much ---more ---the, ---SAME
When you hear a CRY and --see--tears --in. --A --little--Childs --sweet--innocent--beautiful--sweet--EYES Their hurt, ---and ---PAIN, ---is ---no----DISQUISE

When -- a --child --CRIES I want to hold-them, comfort them, cheer, them and dry their --Little--precious--EYES
I want to tickle them ,and hear them laugh and --GIGGLE Dance and play, and sing and --WIGGLE
When recently, yesterday my grand daughter bella had an ear infection, and had, to go to the doctor, and she was--PAINFULLY--CRYING--and--CRYING I --felt --so--so--so--bad --cause--i-- was --not --there --to --HOLD--and --COMFORT-- her --and-- i --was --really--inside--CRYiNG--and--outside--really---SIGHING
But- now -with -her -ear -infection --ANTIBIOTIC She --is --all --BETTER--and--no --more --crying --and --in --pain --and --SICK So it wont be too long, and we will be together, singing nursery --rhymes--and--watching--cartoons--and--i--am--her--grand-pa--HORSIE--giving--her--a--ride--on--her--command--to--the--left--or--the--right--front--wards--and--back-wards--side--to--side--up--or--down--room--to--ROOM And --i--will--be--playing --and --staying --with her --very--SOON

By john d jungers
10th of june 2017

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When a child cries