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 John's poems of...LIFE - LIVING &LOVE...JDJ

We ---have,---to ---LEARN---LEARN---to--LOVINGLY--PRAY--PRAY--And--HEARTFULLY----PRAY--to--be--more-----CAUTIOUS--and--FAITHFUL--and--HOPEFUL--and--very--very--SHARP--and--WISE--to --always,--always--always-- KEEP, --our, --GuARD--and--HEART--PROTECTED--and--UP
Its- a ---LESSON---in -our, --LIFE-- LIVING--, and-- LOVE--, that- we -have- to --REMIND--ourselves-- and ---RE-LEARN, ---over -and -over -again, and-again---as --we --let --our ---GUARD-DOWN-- then -others- SHUN--us --take --ADVANTAGE-- of --us --WE-need -to --LEARN-- to -be -more, -cautious --wise--and-- hold --our ----GUARD,--UP---because -all -others- --ARE--NOT--so -loving,- kind, -and--caring -and---understanding----but -in -stark, -and, -SOMETIMES, --shocking,-- REALITY,--they-- are --WRONGLY--unkind, --uncaring, --inconsiderate,-- and ,-- BAD---miistrusting--and--CORRUPT

Keep, ---up ---HIGH----your ----GUARD
For -some -others -will -see -your -kindness, -your -thoughtfulness, -generosity--and--your --goodness --and--your --lovingness-- as --your-- DOWN--FALL-,-- and --WEAKNESS---- and --they --will --hurt, --harm, --and --hinder --you, --and--take--full--advantage--of--you--causing--you---with --hurt --neglect,-- and---permanent---SCAR

It --is --GOOD , --GREAT-- and --GRAND, --to-- OPENLY--FAITHFULLY--FREELY--COMPASSIONATELY--COURAGEOUSLY--FORGIVINGLY--GENEROUSLY--and--GODLY----and ----so--so--so--LOVINGLY--LOVINGLY--LOVINGLY--with--humbleness--and--kindness----BRAVElY--BOLDLY--CONFIDENTLY----STRONGLY--BEAUTIFULLY----HAPPILY--CHEERFULLY--good--great--and--grand--GOOD--NATURELY--NATURALY--LOYALLY--and----JOYOUSLY-----greatly--greatly--greatly-----FAITHFULLY-----surrenderingly---STAND But -we -have -to -learn- to -PRAY--for--others--and--hold-- up ---our --guard, --because --others --will --and-- do --take --advantage --of --, a---LOVING, --KIND---CARING---COMPASSIONATE---COURAGEOUS---FORGIVING--and--a------very--very--very--GENEROUS---and--giving---person-----IF--THEY---CAN

We ---have ---to ---learn ---the ---lesson--, in ---our ---life,--- living, ---and ---LOVE---, to ---hold ---our ---GUARD--UP
Because-, their -are -many -people- who -see -our -kindness -thoughtfulness- and- goodness--as--our--WEAKNESS,-and-down-fall-- and --some --are --very --mean, --spirited--and --bad, --and----CORRUPT

As ---we ---know ---and ---as ---it ---may---become---and---- BE
Faithfully,- and -lovingly,-our-- GOD, --all -he -does -hear,- feel,-sense-know- and- see,- and -a -faithful,- and--prayerful -loving, -person, -DOES--BELIEVE-and-- know--really--really--KNOW--, that --our--LOVING--LOVING--LOVING-- GOD,-- the --almighty-- HE--PROTECTS-- --the --loving,--kind-- and --faithful,--completely, --and -elitely---with--his--almighty--sword---for--the--righteous--the--faithful--and--loving-----YOU----and----ME----and----US----and----WE
So ---as ---it ---is ---and ---what--- ever ---shall--- come--- to----reality--and--become--and--BE
Those -who- take-, advantage- of -a -good --faithful,-- loving,-- caring --generous --kind --and-- compassionate--- courageous ----FORGIVING---- HEART, ---for, -as -i -know -time -tested -to -be -authentic -fact--and --true --for--they--have-- to --FEAR-- not-- YOU--or--ME,-- or---US--or--WE---but --they --should,--- FEAR ---the --WRATH---and----the---JUDGMENT---of --the --ALMIGHTY----LOVING------all, --KNOWING--, --all --CARING----GOD---The---ALMIGHTY--KING--of--all--KINGS----HE

By john d jungers
11th of june--2017

©2000 - 2018 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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