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Room 327

flesh and blood isn't everything

Having all of time and space

dream to nightmare


my "friend"


Now and forever

a Getaway

Round 2

gone to young


risking it all

Driving on a highway

told im kid

the art that is frowned upon

Coming out to my parents

Always Grey never black and white

Stuck in Solitude

One option out of millions

Looking for you

The world so cruel

The mask

The way I am

Just because

The happy one

Pain but Glory

Day 4

back on the bus

Breaking the addication

You are Caffiene

A Single Man, Idol and Friend to Many RIP

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Boot for three weeks then you can try running again but if it acts up you will be done running
The words I could hear
The words that could destroy my life
Running half and full marathons for fun
Along with shorter races here and there
In love with everything that the amazing sport called running has to offer
The adrenaline, running high, and the amazing feeling while running, also that it keeps you in shape
A week before my first marathon
I had aggravating pain and a very swollen foot
I decided to risk everything and go to the doc
I was given a boot and cleared to run in the twin cities marathon
Somehow finishing the marathon
Afterwords living in the boot for eight weeks
Pain gone for two months now time to start training
Half marathon only four months away
Minor pain comes back nothing major
Until one month and two days until race day
The pain swells and attacks until I can’t wear a shoe
Back to the boot
Week later still major pain and no shoe
Risking it all
Go back to the doc 
Mri check
Lesion and bone hitting a tendon
Check and check
Diagnosed with
A lesion a long narrow hole in my ankle bone
And an extra bone hitting and rubbing against a tendon
Hating my life
Told there is a slim chance I could run again if it acts up for a third time
Already knowing it will
Unless a true miracle happens in my life I could be done with running
Scared for that day
When my life officially becomes ruined
No more running and who knows what else I couldn’t do
Having a notebook full of what races I’m running when
Going out 25 years
Most likely garbage now
Hoping that isn’t the case
Hard to accept reality
Not wanting to find alternatives
Other than running
Running is life
Living by three simple words
Not stopping now or ever
A motto I live by
Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t
My dream will always be my dream
To run a full marathon in every state
Someday maybe not today but someday I will
confidante someday I will but for sure not anytime soon
walking along until I hit a set of stairs
looking up 
the world is torture for creating stairs that you must go up
too painful to walk so I must hop
step by step
ready to be at the top
memories of when I used to do sprints
up and down these exact set of stairs
now I can't even walk up them
realizing my fate of not being able to run anymore
on walks memories of when I used to run now where I walk
feeling old when really I am so young
knowing my life has changed forever

just refusing to accept it
wanting to run one more run 
maybe one more after that
maybe another marathon or two 

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risking it all




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