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Sometimes, ---things ---in ---your ---own ---life, ---living,--- and ---LOVE, ---can ---BECOME--- so ---so---so---so----DAMAGED--MIXED--UP--UNMANAGEABLE---and---EXHAUSTINGLY----TANGLED
Can--, get-- so --so--so--twisted , -restricted--convicted---and---tied --up, --and----MANGLED

Things -can --totally--completely--get -out -of--CONTROL
On --a --hard, --hurtful--, spiraling --out --of --control--disturbing--damaging, --Dangerous--ROLL

Through --ALL, --of --the --HURT--HEARTACHES-- SHAME---and----PAIN
Disturbances, disagreements, -storms, and--RAINS

Sometimes, things can become, so, mixed up, and--TANGLED
Everything ,can, and, does, fall, totally, and, completely, ALL--APART--and--becomes--DISMANTLED

Things can seem, as the, aftermath, of a violent devastating----, MINNESOTA--TORNADO---destructive, deadly, DEVASTATING--twister--STORM
When, in, your, life, living, and, love, when all, things seem to fall, apart, and get so, mixed up, TANGLED, confused, misconstrued, and--MANGLED--and,-- SPIRAL --out, of control--and--become---disturbing--damaging--and--dangerousa--as--it--is--and--always--will--BE--we--pray--with--hope--faith--and--LOVE--hoping-- heartfully--that--things--work--themselves--out--LOVINGLY--back--to--the--best--and--happy---NORM--

By john d jungers
13th of june 2017

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Things in your own life, with troubles turmoil and strife, can get so--TANGLED