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We Are The Dreamers

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We Are The Dreamers

We are the dreamers
The few that still listens to the small voice
within ourselves that whispers

Dare to dream

If we do not allow ourselves the dream
our future becomes only a place
where we simply exist from day to day

With no expectation for a brighter tomorrow
where do we find our world?

In the reality of our lives our dreams
often become only a darkened picture

As elusive to our hearts as the ability to believe
a bubble in flight can be touched without bursting
or allowing ourselves to envision
a pair of butterflies playing upon a darkened sky

The circumstances of our reality takes us
down many long and trying pathways
We feel all of the 'why's' so deeply
that our souls bleed and yet
if we do not allow ourselves to dream
who will dream for our children?

The world is quickly leaving what we have
always believed to be truth

Is this partially because so many of us
have given up on believing in the very thing
that truly gives our lives meaning

Without the ability to dream hope is lost
and without hope .... what is the purpose to live?

We ARE the dreamers

We must remain to be the dreamers for
without the dreams the world will mourn their loss
in the form of future discoveries

If we do not continue to dream our lives
as well as our world will become stagnant and cold
no longer to see the beauty of what still can be

It is not impossible to catch a bubble
in mid air without it bursting

It is not impossible to see butterflies
playing within a darkened sky

And ....

It is not impossible for a dream to take flight
within a heart that thought it had forgotten
how to dream or had long ago decided
it was just too painful to take the chance

May we always find reason to dream

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Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

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We Are The Dreamers