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Their, i went after, a terrible, argument, trying to get my --peace--of--mind--momentum, and motivation, back and--find my--PEACE--and--WIN

A, younger gentleman, who served--overseas--in--IRAQ--he, is paralyzed and in a wheel-chair--for, the rest of his LIFE
He said, he did no pass the test to be--a--MARINE--, but, elected to serve overseas as a -----civilian--contractor--instead---- to -do -his -duty -his -BEST, --a road side explosion bomb--HIT--his truck --and--nearly took his life, but he survived , and beat the deadly bombing---attack--and---DEADLY--EXPLOSION--STRIKE

I havent seen him for a long while at the GYM
But yesterday we ran into each other again, and i said to him, how are you my friend--and, he looked at me in his usual, beaming bright, bright ,wonderful, beautiful, positive encouraging great courageous Smile and said to me looking straight a me,---------I--AM--BLESSED--------and--i--look--up--to--this----young--man------so--greatly----HIM

Actually, he works at the --front desk --at-- the--twenty four fitness --GYM
And --yesterday --i --felt -- down,--and--very-- low --and --out--but--in--my--heart--and--soul--im--remembering--the------BLESSING-----in--my--life--living--and--love---for--meeting--HIM

His, confident, lovingness, always positively, and smilingness, laughingness, cheerfulness--faithfulness--gracefulness--with--BLESSEDNESS
Is --a --true--blessing, --and--great--great--great--INSPIRATION--of--COURAGE--FAITH--STRENGTH--COMMiTMENT--and--POSITIVE--MOTIVATION--for --all --who --meet --and --greet --him --at --this --gym --at --the -----twenty----four---hour----FITNESS

His --courage, --FAITH--HOPE--and--LOVE---with----commitment --and --resolve
His --bravery,-- great ----ATTITUDE--of --GRATITUDE--- have --survived,-- and-- now --striving --and --thriving, --working-- out --and --doing --his --best --at--whatever-- he --can-- do, --never--feeling--sorry--for--himself--never--giving --up--or--quitting --but---LOVINGLY--CONFIDENTLY--BRAVELY--COURAGEOUSLY--POSITIVELY--BEAUTIFULLY--FAITHFULLY---saying --HE--is --BLESSED---and--fighting --to --beat --any --and--every--problem --great--or--small--that --may--come--his --way--and---SOLVE

For, ---me ---when.--- Yesterday, ---i ----Felt ----so ---so----so----so---devastated---low, --low----low----low---DOWN---BEATEN---BROKEN--and----BLUE
Thinking-- of --my --friend-- at--the --gym, --i --feel, --new --courage--commitment--resolve--and--confidence--with--great---humbleness---, strength, --stamina-- and--endurance,-- to --improvise--, adapt, --overcome --and --count-- my--each --and --every --every--every--great --and--small---------BLESSINGS-------TOO

For, any person, can make a long, long, list of things that went wrong and of what was lost and what we have--NOT
But this lesson, i know, its what ---BLESSINGS, ---that we do have, and an --ATTITUDE-- of --GRATITUDE--for JUST--WHAT--WE--GOT

By john d jungers
14th --of --june--2017

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A friend in a --WHEEL--CHAIR---told--me--he--is--BLESSED