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The final Segment of A Tiger Speaks


A Tiger Speaks


My baby's name is Raja

I protect her with my life


Will it be today

That I walk down a familiar path

To step into a steel trap placed

There by you


Raja would then be left to die alone

In a world that she is not ready

To face on her own


Becoming the hunted

The jungle would claim her as its own

The Jackals and others would complete

Our circle of life


As sad as my heart is to this realization

Whom do you think I would prefer

To be the victor


The jungle or you



Your traps

I wonder if it bothers you at all

That it takes six of you to release

This tool of death


I guess

That is a pretty stupid question


If it bothered you

Your trap would not be placed


It needs to bother someone!




You pick a time when water is scarce

And you poison my place to bring

Raja to drink


Protecting her as we walk

I would bring her to her death

Myself soon to follow her


Do you not drink when you are thirsty

What better way to be assured that

We will be your trophy even though

The hunt is not played fairly


You leave poison carcasses for me

To find to carry to my baby


She will eat before myself

Will she die before my eyes

Just before I draw my last breath

Of life as well


You hunt me for my fur


You kill me to grind my bones

Into fine powder for your potions


You wear my fangs

Around your necks as charms

And hang my head upon your walls

As a symbol of your bravery and cunning


Take a good look at me!






Can I not reach you with my plea







To the hunters and the poachers

I know my cause is of no consequence


But ...

What about you


You who reads these words and say

to yourself 'Oh, what a shame!'


I may one day be only this . . . .

A picture upon a computer screen

Or perhaps I will be found only in a textbook

For your future generations to explore

Under the heading of


The Tiger Once Was . . .











Does this fact truly not matter to you?








Original by Lesa Gay


Aspiring Angel


Feedback Treasured














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The final Segment of A Tiger Speaks

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