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Blessed is who does not follow,
The advice of wicked people;
As their minds are pure and hallow,
Since they worship in the temple.
Evil takes the path of sinners,
And sit in the seat with mockers;
They can never be the winners,
As they terrorize as shockers.
Delight the teachings of the Lord,
Reflecting on them night and day;
Let not His Word to be ignored,
Always try to trust and obey.
Be like a tree planted by streams,
A tree that is producing fruit;
Soaking in the light of sunbeams,
Quenching its thirst through the roots.
Its leaves will not fade or shrivel,
Succeeding in everything;
Always spiritually civil,
Abiding to what God will bring.
Wicked people are not like that,
They are like husks that the wind blows;
Acting like the lazy fat cat,
Conniving when the mouse that shows.
That is why the wicked people,
Will never be able to kneel;
At judgment time in His temple,
When their transgression will reveal.
Just sinners are able to stand,
That would be willing to confess;
Where the righteous people are planned,
Go where God is willing to bless.
God knows the way of the righteous,
And willing to always cherish;
Being spiritually conscious,
While the wicked will perish.
The way of the wicked will end,
Because they will never regret;
The righteous that they do offend,
Never forgiven for their debt.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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