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With-every breath, every second, every minute, every hour, every PASSING--DAY
On, my mission, quests, and, goals, for--i--know--that--GOD--is--with--me--in--me,--and--all, around me--POSITIVELY--inspiring me, and guiding me in--EVERY--a--WAY

For--- i ---do ---very---very---very---well---know, ---and---understand---the ---challenging---demanding---road ---that --im--on--enduring--surviving-/and--- traveling
And ----each ----and ----every ---challenge ----that ---it----does ----bring

But my quest, mission, drive, and desire to make it to the top
I ---will--- not ---slip, ---falter ---QUIT ---weaken---or-----DROP

With renewed fire and desire
With this mission--quest--and--goal-- in my heart and mind, new energy zest and fire i will find, of each and every kind, and walk the fine line and wire

Every breath we breathe
Leads to our greatness if we believe

By john d jungers
17th of june 2017

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Every breath