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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . one


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Sleep soundly my son.
Our journey will remain long
and exhaustion has already called my name.
Where sleeps the one we love this night?
Which star is he looking upon?
Too many moons have passed since we have seen
 the darkness of his eyes and the bronze of his skin.

You weep for the gentleness of your father's
touch. I weep for the comfort of his arms
holding me within the love we have always shared.

Does he see us standing in his dreams?
Or . . . .
when we finally arrive to his presence
will he ask why we have come?
I promise you that somehow I will find a way
to make everything alright once again.
Have I done the right thing
to leave our village and search
for his understanding?
When we finally find him within the vastness
of this wilderness, will I be able to make him
believe all he thought he witnessed
was his own imaginings?

When tomorrow's evening brings the wolf's cry
perhaps we will rest within the arms
of the one we love.

The night owl calls and I am so weary.
So very weary.
Oh my baby
are we following only
yesterday's drea . . .?


Reindeer And Spirit Walker

Please join me as the journey continues . . .
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Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel



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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . one