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Its ----the ----LITTLE ----LITTLE----LITTLE----LITTLE----things ---that ---MEAN---the ----very--very---very---very----MOST
Its --the --littlest --littlest--littlest--littlest--of--things-- that --in --our ---HEART---that ---FOREVER--, wE--- so ----lovingly---HOLD----so--so---so----CLOSE

The --little--little--ity--bity---kindness --and --thoughtfulness --of --ANOTHER
Like the hug, from a dear an LOVING--MOTHER

A,-- little --little--ity--bity---ENCOURAGEMENT
Is --truly --heaven --SENT

A --little--little--ity--bity--Heartful--FORGIVENESS-
Will ---so--GREATLY---INSPIRE--- a ---person ---to --SAeEK---and---FIND---their ----GREATNESS

A --little --little--ity--bity--CARE--COMPASSION-- and---CONCERN
WILL---GREATLY---GREATLY---GREATLy--ELITLY---return --to --the ---SENDER---in ---abundance ---in --welcomed---RETURN

A --little --little--ity--bity--smile
Can and does inspire encouage and uplif a person for--a--Great while

A --little --little--ity--bity--mercy --grace --and --understanding
Will cause and create ones --HEART-- to --joyously --beautifully-- lovingly --and --happily --happily --freely--SING

A ---little --little--ity--bity--LOVE
Is --BLESSEDLY---heaven --sent-- from -- the--Holy --heavens --ABOVE

When we receive--a--.LITTLE--POSITIVE--POSITIVE--POSITIVE--and---encouraging--beautuful----HOPE
In ou life living and --LOVE--we can better--POSITIVELY--move--along--and--happily--happily--joyously--and--LOVINGLY--better--better--better--COPE

Dont--ever --ever--wait --or--hold-- back --from --any --other --in --GIVING--a. --LITTLE--COMPLIMENT
Even the--SMALLEST--and the --LITTLEST--of. -a--Simple -kind --and--caring and heartful ---COMPLIMENT-----is --beautifully --and -truly--HEAVEN--SENT

By john d jungers
19th of june 2017

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Its the little things that mean the most