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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . Part Two

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Hear now the howling of wind
Shadows of the past
Reaching again to be heard

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Reindeer And Spirit Walker
Broken Trust

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I reach to you from the pages of time.
I am Spirit Walker. Pictured here as the
Chief's daughter saw me last in her presence.

We were called together by the winds of our
ancestors, Reindeer and I. Even as children
there was never any doubt that the Great Spirit
had destined that we walk our pathways as one.

Since the birth of Running Bear, our bodies have not met,
to reach the stars of our destiny. The Elders have forbidden
our speaking or touching, until the ceremonial circle has fulfilled
our custom, and the Great Spirit has blessed our unity.

The mere sight of Reindeer caused my body to tremble,
and my heart to race with desire, as I came upon her standing
alone at the water's edge. Her essence reflecting an image
of pure light upon the face of the crystal pond.

She was so close and it had been so long!
No one was near us . . . No one would see!

I could almost smell the freshness of her hair,
and feel her flesh next to mine.

My heart pounded with such speed it felt as if it would explode.
There was no turning back. My passion overpowering the
commandments of our Elders. Her closest close, could
not become close enough.

I tied my horse and turned to walk the hillside.
Seeing Lone Wolf approaching her in running strides
stopped me from moving forward.

From behind the Pines I watched their greeting,
as he cradled her face in the palms of his hands,
and traced her features with his tongue
seeking the fullness of her lips.

How could she betray me in this way!
How could she do this to us!

I couldn't and wouldn't watch the scene before me.
In an instant my world no longer making any kind of sense.

Somehow I have been caught in the net of the dreamcatcher.
The dreamweaver playing some kind of absurd joke!

The ceremonial spear I had been crafting for months,
held by my side, as Reindeer approached the open campsite. It
was to have been presented to her as the last remaining prophecy
to be completed before our unity.

Its shaft hollowed and filled with the native sand of our desert.
Perfectly balanced to be hurled into the heavens by my hand
on the day our unification.
Signifying our spirits would live as one for all eternity.

In front of all that were watching, I stood before her,
as I broke it in two, and crushed it beneath my feet.

Broken promises.
Broken spirit.
Broken trust.

All broken.

I pushed her aside, mounted Apache,
and rode faster than the wayward winds
that called my name.

Finding myself this night with only the company of the wild
and the confusion of my heart and mind.

Hearing upon the wind the voice that
pursued me in my flight from the village.

''Wait, Spirit Walker,
 PLEASE wait!
I can explain . . . . ''

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Somewhere within the nights of many moons,
wherein the wolves howl and a baby cries,
Reindeer and Running Bear make their way
within a landscape of no recognition.

Spirit Walker's heart is now beginning to no longer wear
the war paint of wounded pride and pictured betrayal.

Three hearts wait alone for their destinies to be fulfilled.

To Be Continued . . . .

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Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . Part Two