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NO---ONE---ELSE--can, ---SWAY,-- us, --or, --CHANGE, --or--PERSUADE---us --in --OUR---VICES, --and --OUR--own--CHOICES, --and --TELL--US--what --to --DO, --and --just --exactly, --a --matter, --of --factly,-- of --what ---not-- to----DO
As --is --true --for --us --all,-- me --and --you, --as--we --know --very --very--very-- well, --as --the---KEY-----to -our -life, -living,- and -LOVE,--HAPPINESS--SERENITY--PEACE-- and--SUCCESS--to--be--at--our--BEST--is --to --thine ---OWNSELF--always-- to ---STAY---LOVING---KIND---CARING---HUMBLE--FAITHFUL---and----TRUE

As, a, simple, fact, in exactly all, that you think-,-- say, pray, and--LOVINGLY--DO

When, we have, a --VICE,--and a ---HABIT, ---that we know, really, really,--- KNOW, ---that, it--unhealthy--and--just--plain--down--right-------BAD--BAD--BAD
For we know that deep, deep, deep, inside of us, with lost pride we are --disappointed-- that, daily we cant break --IT--and make --IT--TO--CHANGE--and--REARRANGE----and, it--knocks --us --DOWN--, and--SAD

We,-- all,--have --a --CHOICE,-- to----MAKE
We, -ALL, -have -the -WAY, -We, -ALL, -have -the -WILL,- and ,- We, -ALL, -HAVE, -the -POWER,-- the --MIGHT--and--FIGHT--, to --make --things --better --and --RIGHT-- and --be --our --very --very--very--BEST--of --our --very --BEST--and --SIMPLY--GREAT

So, what ever that it is, and what ever thst it just may BE--JUST--JUST--JUST--POSITIVELY--self--assuredly--Confidently--BREAThE
Then first and formost,--DREAM--BIG--and--GREAT--and in yourself set a --doable, step, by, step--GOAL, get on the --POSITIVE--THOUGHT-- process --and -roll--and--JUST--BELIEVE--in--yourself--that--you--can--and--WILL--with--an--IRON--WILL--ACHIEVE

By john d jungers
21. June. 2017

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No body else can sway or change us and TELL, us what to DO