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He woke up,
At 2:33am,
She had commandeered,
His dreams,
The way she,
Comes in and takes,
Cutting away,
Any thoughts,
That don’t involve her,
Leaving them to drift,
Aimlessly around,
With no tether,
To his sub-conscious,
He rolls onto,
His left side,
Able to quickly fall,
Back asleep,
After checking the time.
She begins sending,
Hand-picked dreams,
Almost immediately,
As his REM sleep,
His mental dream world,
Is ready to go.
She starts him off,
Sending in dreams,
Where she flashes him,
A smile,
Or he just watches her,
As she walks by,
Simple stuff,
That brings a faint smile,
To his lips,
As he barely stirs,
During his slumber.
But this is just,
Dreamscape foreplay,
She starts to,
Liven it up,
A bit,
Now that smile,
Of hers,
Comes with a pair of,
Heart stopping,
Blue green eyes,
So vivid in color,
And depth,
You would have thought,
Put them on her,
And she’s dressed in,
An outfit,
That makes her,
Slow walk past him,
Anything but,
A casual event.
He rolls onto,
His other side,
Causing a few,
Beads of sweat,
To roll down,
His forehead,
And get sucked up by,
His alternative down,
Now it’s time for,
Some dialog,
In your dreams,
She whispers,
To him,
As she let’s,
The sweet subtleties,
Of a woman’s voice,
Her voice,
Drip all over,
The next set of,
She drops into,
The ever turning gears,
Of his fantasy mind.
He starts to,
Twist around,
In his sheets,
Talking back to her,
In his sleep.
She can feel,
His heart beating,
His breathing,
Uneven and quick,
What little control,
He had left,
Was lost to her,
He feels himself,
Slipping out,
Of his dream,
He starts to panic,
He can’t go,
Not yet.
He just wants to,
Touch her,
Hold her,
If only for,
A moment,
She knows this,
And takes a step,
He reaches out,
While looking at her,
And takes in,
The kind of perfection,
In both body and mind,
You can only have,
In a dream.
He turns on to,
His back,
His chest,
Rising and falling,
Both his hands,
Grabbing on to the sheets,
As he struggles,
And fights,
To remain next to her,
Trying not to,
Step outside of,
The confinements,
Of his dream world,
Wanting every mil-second,
Of time,
He can squeeze out,
Of any dream,
He finds her in,
But tonight,
She has him feeling,
So close to her,
He’s sure he’ll finally,
Touch her.
She looks at him,
Seeing the longing,
Not only in his eyes,
But his whole body,
Yearning just to be,
Near her,
She takes pity,
On him,
And decides to,
Finally release him,
From her grasp.
She leans over,
Towards him,
Her lips,
Almost touching his,
So close,
He can smell the,
Heat of her body,
His whole being,
To take her,
Delicate kiss,
As the whole scene,
Suddenly goes dark,
One heartbeat later,
He’s staring straight up,
Into the dark,
At the ceiling,
As he scrambles,
To dredge-up,
Any images,
Or thoughts,
He can,
Of his dream,
Before they dissipate,
Into the night,
He catches on to,
And closes his eyes,
Her angelic face,
And prefect body,
Leaning in to kiss him,
On the lips.
He holds on to,
That thought,
As tightly as,
He can,
Till bit by bit,
It starts to,
Fade away,
And sleep,
Once again,
Takes its hold…
     Tom Allen…06-16-2017…