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Aspects of love


E.L.O.V, four innocent letters of the

Alphabet, yet link them together to

Form the word love, and they become

Potentially seismic in their ability to

Foster instability, when Heaven or

Hell may be the destination for the

Unsuspecting romantic.


Love, may be loving a woman who packed

Her bags and left you for another. A woman

Who found what she thought was a better

Love in the hands of a better lover, but it

Was not to be, for this was a love that failed

In every way imaginable, a whirlwind start of

Lamentably short duration. Hardly time to

Unpack her bags before she came face to

Face with the front door and destitution and

Now, with so few options open to her, she

Finds herself calling again on the man she

Hurt the most. A soft-hearted character,

Always willing to help, never willing to walk

away, ready and willing to forgive.


Love, may turn into loneliness and isolation.

Hard to imagine such a thing when recalling

Past rolls in the hay, cuddles in the back of

A cab, and the bed that lasted no more than

Six months before a new one was called for,

Yet for all that, love slowly began to slip away,

When rooms become cells, doors became

Barriers, locks are lubricated, catches are

Oiled, swiftly shutting each evening without

Notice, barring love and anything remotely

Associated from the bedchamber. Looking

Back, something told you that all was not

Well long ago, but too late now for recovery

Or escape; and being human, what do we do?

Make the best of what’s left, rejoicing at the

Sound of a bolt shooting love in the heart.


Love, may also fall foul of a lack of inner

Strength, a secret failing hidden from view.

A lack of will power that may have little or

No immediate effect on one's present state

Of mind, nor, so it would initially appear, on

The well-being of the happy family tucking

Into their mid-week dinner. Only later does

The full impact of one's outright stupidity

Become clear, leaving the heart and mind

In utter despair. Always going to win on the

Horses, always going to bring home the

Bacon. Too late now to lament the past. The

Wife has given up, and the child grown-up.

No way back now to that safe place, and

Even if there were, who would want you,

who would trust you, who would love you?


Love, the Best kind, the kind we all hope to

Find and to keep. This is a special kind of

Love, the kind that binds hearts together

In a communion of heart and soul, spirits

That will not be discouraged by the pitfalls

And trials of life, but instead, see problems

As opportunities, rainy days as natures

Blessing, and as for misfortune, stumbling

Blocks to be overcome by a will to succeed

And rolled up sleeves. And when the sun

Sets, two heads share a pillow of love,

Safe in the knowledge that love led the way

Today, and will do so for the rest of their lives.


© Joseph G Dawson