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The light that shared a secret

I wonder sometimes what it might be like to

Try on another's shoes. Would it be akin to the

Mysterious art of water divining? Would the shoes

Reveal an underground stream or well of secrets?

Might I learn first-hand about a stranger's life, a

Stranger's heartache, a stranger's happiness?

Dare I try the shoes on and if I did could I slide

Back into my own again having once learnt the

Answer to my query? Where the tears the work

Of laughter or another lonely night?


Imagine that, transporter shoes, revelation

Shoes or might they simply be shoes like faces

That have been lived in and loved in – the latter

I think. Any road up, it's all imagination, a means

Of priming the mind – encouraging flights of fancy

A push, a shove, blues eyes in love or brown eyes

Down in the dumps. Discontent and longing lay

Silently side by side, she dreaming of another, he

Wishing she would turn his way. Love it would

Seem is in trouble and that being so a pen might

Fly to the rescue


Yes, flying to the rescue comes a pen, but wait

Not all love may be salvaged, not all love can be

Saved. Sometimes there are too many obstacles

Too many barriers to effect a recovery when one

Is left with only remnants, too little to make much

Of, insufficient material to weave a love-coat and

Thus, no matter how willing the pen or the writer

The tale may end as it began in separation


There are no traces of origin in anything I write

What I write are adventures of the heart based on

Nothing more than light. The light that made her

Eyes light up or drew a sudden frown, the light

That shared a secret with the light to write it


© Joseph G Dawson
02/06/2017 – 27/06/2017



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