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        “True Love”
She talks about him,
All the time,
They have been,
For almost a year,
Well pass,
That new couple,
Where everything,
He does is just,
“Sooo Cute”
He threw up,
On the kitchen table,
The other day,
She glossed over,
That fact,
And went straight to,
The face he made,
When he looked up,
At her afterwards,
Pulling out,
Her phone,
To show you,
The picture of him,
“Just like”
“A little Baby”
She says,
As you mutter,
“Baby my A-s”
As you smile at her,
While taking in,
The picture,
On her phone,
That shows,
A slimy green liquid,
Still dripping off,
The end of,
His nose,
With an expression,
On his face.
You’re not a,
Bad person,
You like seeing her,
Even if it’s with,
That isn’t you,
But just once,
When she brings,
Him up,
Which is always,
You want to hear,
He was out all-night,
And when he finally,
Did come home,
She could smell,
Another woman’s,
All over him,
Let’s see a picture,
Of that.
You push that,
Evil thought,
From your head,
Ask her,
If she has,
Any weekend plans,
“I think we’ll go”
“To the beach”
“He Loves”
“Walking with me”
“Through the surf”
“His eyes always”
“Looking into mine”
“He is such”
“The Romantic”
“How did I ever”
“Get so Lucky?”
She goes back,
To her phone,
Scrolling through,
Of him,
You can tell,
By that,
“Glazed over” look,
In her eyes.
“I think I’ll”
“Bring him home”
“Something Special”
“For dinner tonight”
“Steak maybe”
She says,
To no one,
In particular.
You just shake,
Your head,
As you get up,
From the table,
Break time over,
You gather up,
Your stuff,
And as you do,
You feel the need,
To confirm,
What you already know,
“You really like”,
“This guy”,
“Don’t you”?
She looks up,
From her phone,
With a serious look,
On her face,
She says,
“No, no, no”
“He’s the Love”
“Of my Life”
And by the look,
On her face,
You can tell,
He most definitely,
You walk about,
30-feet away,
Turning around,
To ask her,
“By the way”
“What’s your”
“Dog’s name?”
And with that,
Stupid look of love,
In her eyes,
She says,
You feel defeated,
As you slowly,
Walk away,
What’s a guy,
To do?
Beaten out,
By a dog…    

         Tom Allen…06-23-2017…