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Poetic Justice ii

There's a poetic justice
Sometimes in this life
I'm in the kitchen hiding,
From the wrath of Dear Wife.
Last week stood on stage
She told the world out loud,
And to be honest there was
Quite a fair sized crowd,
About how I ranted and
Became temper tossed
As I looked around for
The things I'd just lost.

Now I'm in hiding as
She impatiently looks
For a little leather wallet
Of Crocheting hooks.
They're not lost,
You must understand,
It's just that theyre not
Coming readily to hand.
She knows very well
Just the other day
She very safely
Put them away.

I'm not asking,
Not risking the cost,
How is that different
From just being lost?
But thank the good Lord
Peace now abounds:
Memory having come back.
The things have been found!
As I emerge from my hiding
She's just sitting there
Contentedly crocheting
In her favourite armchair.

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Poetic Justice ii