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Yours with love

'Yours with love,' an odd way to start

A love letter with an ending but that is

Exactly what I am, 'yours with love' no

Point my hiding from the truth, I can't

Hide it from myself so why try hiding

It from you?


I have been yours from the first moment

We met and in that precious moment

I fell hopelessly in love with you. I know

In my heart of hearts I can never recover

Never be saved and thus I am unstintingly

'Yours with love' forever


Heartbeat, I can feel your heartbeat

Chasing through your blood stream

Coursing through your veins. Love peak

I can feel your love peak, lost my voice

I can't speak, touch me there again


Can't run, gates are closed, I can't run

Love you and I want some, dreams are

Not enough. Cliffs edge, I'm stuck on a

Cliffs edge, let me fall my heart said

'Yours with love' my love


I suspect you guessed my secret long

Before I told you. My sleepless nights

My longing for you, my endless days

Of anguish and uncertainty. A small

Price to pay for the priceless reward

Of your love and so without further ado

Let me end as I began, by saying that

That I am unequivocally, indisputably

Incontrovertibly and finally, indubitably

'Yours with love'

Joe xxxxx

© Joseph G Dawson


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