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       “Study Hall”
She spent
her study hall period
studying him
It’s been
A full month
since school started
and he had a look
that pulled her eyes
everywhere he went.
She would wear
her headphones
listening to music
A minor infraction
the study hall monitors
gave up fighting,
While pretending to read
or stare aimlessly
at a computer screen,
but her full attention
was always centered
around him.
She would scribble
on a piece of paper
asking herself
questions about him
writing them down
as if she had a
A reason to
study him
she would watch him,
It took off
A bit of the
stalking edge
she felt.
Right now
she has
type of music
he likes
written down,
And taking into
the 501’s
with holes
canvas high tops
disheveled hair
and surfer tee-shirts
he wore,
even when it was
raining out,
Had her thinking
early Punk
or one of the
20-types of
Heavy Metal,
she was hoping for
A whole lot easier
to listen to
at full volume.
She went back to
her study of him
waiting for another
to enter her mind,
Having forgotten
to look at her book
for sometime
she decides to
read a full page
before looking up
Just for the benefit
of anyone
who might be
watching her.
She gets about
halfway through
the page
before turning it
leaving the rest
her anxiety
Too much
to continue reading,
an instant
Calming effect
comes over her
as she allows
her eyes
to swallow up
as much of
his image
as they care to.
His pen
rolls off his table
and falls
to his right side
he leans over
from his chair
stretching and straining
to pick it up
without having to
leave his chair
and once his
right finger
gets enough of
A tip on it
he snaps down
on the side
of the pen
causing a back spin
that rolls it
closer to him.
She is enjoying
the little show
he is preforming
and completely forgets
of the locked in
she has going on.
He picks up
the orange pen
and in the process
looks up to see
intensely looking
he nods
and smiles
she doesn’t even
that the acknowledgement
was meant for her
so engrossed
in her viewing.
Once she does
she quickly
looks down
at her book
to resume her
appearance of reading
only to find
her book face down
on the table.
And in that
3-seconds of time
she was frozen,
For what to her
seemed like a
All her embarrassing
with guys
Flashed before her
As she sat there
staring back at him,
And as the last
thought flashes by,
this current moment
attaches it’s self
to that thought
on the train of
Bad beats
concerning guys,
Making it
just that much
He goes back to
his homework
she closes her mouth
and picks up her book
reading the words
as if that would
somehow make up
for all the unread
she had just turned
instead of reading.
She finishes
two full pages
before she nervously
looks over at him
finding it safe
to resume her
She looks back down
at her paper
and crosses out
Heavy Metal
and circles
and in a whisper
to herself
She says
“No Heavy Metal fan”
“Would be caught dead”
“Carrying around”
“An orange pen”
As her eyes
Rise up
from her paper
Over the top
of her book
and focus in
On the guy
across the room
with the orange
and disheveled hair…
     Tom Allen…06-23-2017…