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Reindeer And Spirit Walker  . . .Part Five

Just as the sun
was beginning to make its presence known,
Reindeer awoke with a heavy heart.

Leaving the night whisperings behind. Decisions
now made to haunt her resolve, within the morning
visions, remaining still to be seen.

Hearts that had always been her own, and hearts that
she had grown to love, would this day be left behind,
to resume her search for Spirit Walker.

She began to gather her belongings,
smiling at a peacefully sleeping Running Bear
in the care of the the Old One,
who would become his guardian in her absence.

Tears Within Departure

Great Spirit, ruler of the the sun and moon,
please give me courage and wisdom
for the trail that lies before me.

I ask you to give my heart strength
as I entrust Running Bear into the arms of
Desert Wind, until you have led me to his father,
and we can return together for him.

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'Desert Wind, I don't think I can do this!
How can I leave Running Bear behind until my return?

I am torn between staying with him in safety,
and going in search of Spirit Walker, who can teach him
to become all that he can be, as only a father can do.

Great pain and pride, will not let Spirit Walker
return to us, without him knowing that the kiss
he thought he saw between myself and Lone Wolf,
in reality, never happened at all.

How is he ever to know, if I do not find him,
and make him somehow understand,
that he was so badly mistaken?'

'You are doing what you feel you must, brave heart.
The days ahead for you will be long and dangerous.
The wilderness holds no place for one as young
as our Little Running Bear.'

With tears streaming, Reindeer gave Running Bear
one final kiss, and laid him again within
the warmth of soft buckskin.

She turned to find the arms of Desert Wind waiting.
The two friends clung long to each other, unable
to find the words of parting.

'Reindeer, please, you must leave us now,
or I will again beg you not to go,
and my heart will surely break in two,
when I hear you tell me you must.'

A low whistle was all it took to bring Poncho to her side.
The young braves had done well to bring him to where
he now stood today. He was regaining the shine of his
coat, and the bulk of his body, but his foot still remained
too painful for him to travel.

For as long as she could remember, Poncho had alway been
by her side. She was present on the day of his birth,
the day he was broke to be ridden, and of course
on her fifth birthday
when her father woke her, with her present in saddle.

'Well fellah, I guess this is goodbye for now.
I will return for you, I promise.'

He nuzzled her chest for what would be the last time in
many moons, and tried to follow her as she walked away.

'No Poncho, not this time.'

Yet one more tear escaped Reindeer's eyes.

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Chief Running Bear had already decided that Reindeer
would not be continuing this ridiculous quest alone.

He would have his most able brave, follow
her less than a days ride behind.

The daughter of a chief?

That could possibly explain her absolute determination
to follow her heart and not her head!

She reminded him of his daughter, and he was
not about to let her leave, without some sort of
assurance that she would be found, should she
run into trouble along the trail.

What a vision of true beauty was this young Princess
walking now towards him.

The young Brave that she pursues would do well
to realize, the true love,
that follows him upon the distant miles.

'Reindeer, I have chosen for you Wind Spirit,
to be your mount as you leave us.

He is freshly broken
and his spirit as yet belongs to no one.
Be mindful to give him free reign or you
could very well find yourself and he in real trouble.

He awaits with fresh supplies just within the village
where the tribe is assembled to wish you a safe
journey and are now saying prayers to the
Great Spirit, that you will
return to us within your dream, and in safety.'

'Chief White Cloud,
I am not sure that I can say goodbye to you.
I thank you for watching over Running Bear
and Poncho until my return.

You are my friend, my advisor, and a heart
that will remain close to my own always.
I know you do not agree with what I have
decided I must continue . . .

My Dear, Dear friend,
I have to do this!

I . . . Just have to.

Reindeer stopped upon the hill, that she had decended
many moons ago now, that overlooked the tiny village.

She turned one last time to view what had
become her home, and said a final whispered
farewell, that no one heard but Wind Spirit,
and tearfully rode in silence
into what will lie ahead for her to be seen.

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Once again Reindeer journeys
into the unknown in the name of love.

Perhaps . . .
She should have remained within the village?

To Be Continued . . . .

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . .Part Five

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