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Disobliging love

If love finds you and you find love to your

Liking treat it with kid gloves. Do not abuse

Love or love may in turn abuse you and by

That I mean hurt you in the most disobliging

Way by giving you mountains to climb, vast

Rivers to cross and very little by way of

Reward for your trouble


A wind blew us together, heads down against

A sudden summer shower we collided on the

High street. I briefly saw her coming but too late

To avoid a crash. I was busy counting the cracks

When paving stones gave way to a pretty pair of

Feet in pink slingbacks. The change in weather

Had caught her out – her galoshes were safe

And dry at home


Anyway, on previously fine days pretty girls

Don't wear galoshes they wear 'sensible shoes'

Footwear that highlights their assets and picks

Up on their every perfection. Adding a little

Height, a little firmness and shedloads of sex



'Sorry' didn't quite do it for at the point of impact

We banged heads rather badly and spent a little

Time inspecting each others injuries which gave

Me ample opportunity to look over the goods as

It were and come to what I thought at the time

Was a life-changing decision – she too seemed

To be of the same mind


Sounds cheap the words 'looking over the goods'

But the goods were so good what else could I do?

Stunning in every way she oozed sex appeal. A

Potent energy that makes a man do silly things

And did I do silly things? You bet your life I did


Taking her home to mother was the first where

The reception ran along the lines: 'What are you

Doing with her?' 'You've just escaped the same

Woman and now you've found another.' 'Are you

Mad?' The second was to call on her mother an

Absolute scorcher of a woman with an eye for

Anything in pants. Danger loomed large and fast

Cornered me in the kitchen with questions I can't

Repeat here and when she… well, you know


Funny isn't how we think ourselves free, free

To choose, free to do as we like, love as we like

And yet this little episode made me realise that

In at least one respect I am not free and never

Have been for I have been falling in love with

The same woman over and over again


On that score, enough was enough. I decided

To break with tradition and do something that

Even surprised me. Did I marry this beautiful

Creature? No, I did not. Did I fall for another

Beauty just like her? No, I did not. So what did

I do? Well, thinking back to that kitchen – I

Ran away with her mother

© Joseph G Dawson


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