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Freedom is NOT free

Brave young men have gone to war, dreaming of fame and glory.
All too often those dreams die on a battlefield bleak and gory.
Others set forth, noble and true, hearts full of patriotic pride.
War cares not for noble intent, and far too many have died.

Others remain home, seldom thinking of the sacrifices made
To ensure their freedom, or the rivers of blood they wade.
They burn our flag in righteous protest of what they think is wrong,
Yet that same flag heroes died to defend as death sang its battle-song.

We revel in the freedom to say and do whatever we happen to feel,
Yet do we appreciate this marvelous gift, or the cost which made it real?
Freedom is not some inalienable right that all are entitled to,
Nor a gift that all can claim as only their just due.

Think of all the women who grieved and the children who cried,
When they learned their son, husband, or father had died.
We are free, but that freedom comes at an awesome, terrible cost,
So many brave young men crippled, so many heroes lost.

Freedom is NOT free, nor ever has been, it's bought with blood red coin,
So on this day, remember our fallen, and let us in thankful prayer join.

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Freedom is NOT free