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That Weekly Shop

Trying to be unobtrusive
As I do my weekly shop
A well manged shopping trolley
Never ever comes to a stop.
Grabbing things from the shelves
In a sort of en passant style
It takes a bit of practice but  
Becomes natural after a while.

Oh my lord they've seen me.
There's no chance of  escape.
So I stand and wait reluctantly
For a session of mental rape.
One of those annoying people,
Not exactly brain dead,
But who seem to lack coordination
Between various parts of the head.

Their  jaw flaps incessantly
But so many times I find
There seems no connection
Between the voice and mind.
If i didnt know them I could
So easily take offence
As their words pour out
But making very little sense.

The only defence, they've no idea
How offensive they've just been
One of those  people who improve
The less often that they've been seen.
But, I am British and,
So with stiff upper lip
I stand and smile politely
Untill I can give them the slip.

I make note of day and time
So i can  change my routine
In the hope of avoiding that
Endlessly burbling machine
As up and down the aisles
I do my weekly shop.
A well driven shopping trolley
Seldom being brought to a stop.

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