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Cutting a dash

10am suited and booted. Suave and

Sophisticated with a keen eye for the

Ladies and one lady in particular. A man

On a mission, a man struck by love and

In no mood to take no for an answer. A

Man who had everything save the one

Thing he craved most – a wife. He had

Chosen his beau-to-be and was out to

Win her – today with any luck


She had seen him too, a truly beautiful man

Can a man be beautiful she wondered?

Well, she thought so, this one was up there

In a class of his own in her opinion. A man

Of substance, a slick dresser with an Italian

Flair that left nothing to chance. A man of

Impeccable taste with a wallet of considerable

Celebrity said to be in need of a wheelbarrow

To haul it around in. All the attributes a man

Might require in his quest to attract and secure

A beautiful woman


The Italian element was to be found in his

Wardrobes of which he had many and where

Power-suits of the very latest vogue, craze,

Rage, proliferated. His tailors where to be

Found in Rome, Naples and Barcelona where

The finest fabrics were masterfully coaxed into

A la mode eye-catching morning, afternoon and

Evening gentleman's apparel. A fashion somewhat

Reminiscent of the style once described as 1950s

English. Crisp to a fault and often to be seen in

City banking and high finance circles, where

Elaborate some might say arrogant over-flashy

Dress was used to both signal elevated status

And dissuade borrowers


Flawless white shirt, tab collar, diamond pin

Sharp knot, sky blue waistcoat and fob... A

Prelude to an opera of redoubtable distinction

Oh, and the jacket and pants, an absolute joy

Tight where tight was required and less so

Where a little accomodation introduced yet

Another classic dimension of Italian dress


He had her in his mind's eye long before they

Met and when they did finally meet albeit at a

Distance he fell for her immediately. A formidable

Connoisseur of style himself he had a penchant

For stylish woman. He could look at a woman

And know precisely what was under each layer

Of dress all the way through to her flesh, often

Revealing a quite dazzling repertoire in terms

Of perfumery


Bowled over? I'll say she was. They collided

By organised accident. Both knew where the

Other would be (their agents gossiped) and

Thus both had appointments at the same art

Gallery at the same time. Money alone was

Not enough for a man of such self-assurance

And breathtaking personal presentation. Such

A man must be surrounded by beautiful objects

And beautiful art and thus they met reviewing

A painting of a beautiful woman almost as

Beautiful as the one stood beside him


Later in a hotel where the entrée costs more

Than the average man's daily worth, money

And style bloomed in abundance. Boxes and

Bags galore lingered in the foyer recently

Decanted from a stretched limo whose rear

Wheel arches were down to the tyres such

Were the number of purchases in a shopping

Spree high-end retailers will never forget

Whilst at the desk, an abusive sum of money

Secured the penthouse suit for a month


A profitable enterprise for all concerned when

Cutting a dash cuts two ways. Two lovers who

Matched each other perfectly she had as much

Money as he and she too had a liking for style

Did they live happily ever after? Of course they

Did, sex, style and money an almost faultless

Combination. They did however, occasionally

Stray from the nuptial couch for nights of heated

Exuberance – but I'll tell you about that another


© Joseph G Dawson

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