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When He Returns From The Road


when He returns from the road
I wiggle my nose
pretend my midnight blanket
is a cloaking device
I've learned the trick of breathing under water
I will myself to become a diver in the ocean
breathing slowly but without bubbles
which might lead Him to my hiding hole

when He returns from the road
we wear Teflon pajamas to bed
regrow the cotton fields in our ears
lay out the tarps beforehand
in preparation for any foul weather
we've steeled our raw nerves against
the tide of His rising thunder
and His furious fist of lightning

when He returns from the road
how we bolt up or out of our beds
this, for us, is our return journey
into a continuum of many dark nights
see how the house lifts high off the foundation
see how when it never quite settles in the same place
see how we all fall down into the basement
to be exposed in our make-shift hiding space

when He returns from the road
our Mother is never fully at home with herself
she's hied to the castle of her room
high in the tower's furthest sheltered turret
far removed from her daughter and sons
see how the little blind mice run

when He returns from the road

previously written directly to the page
edited again on July 8th 2017 7:30pm PST
work in progress
July 7 2017 7:29pm PST
legal copyright for this work/poem
and also by this author/writer
Melissa A. Howells and also for this legally copyrighted
site title:Meloo Straight from Her Tilt-a-World
(yes, there is real legal copyright for this site title)

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