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I see you
Sitting there
In the dark
All alone
I feel your pain
I taste your tears
So few seem to understand
They believe you
When you tell them
I’m ok
Yes, I know
These are the only words
You have found
That will make them
Leave you alone
I just wanted to let you know
I am here with you
And yes
I do feel your pain
And I do taste your tears
I have seen the darkness
That haunts you
I have felt its fingers
Entwine you
Each night
In your sleep
I am also here to remind you
And assure you
This darkness is now behind you
It is not a part of you
Nor are you
A part of it
What I want you to do
Is take this darkness
And cast it out
We can do this
We will throw it down the deepest pit we can create
As far from your heart and soul
As we can
And what I shall do
Is smother this darkness
With Peace
And Love
Into this
We shall plant a seed
Your future
The you
That you are now free
To be
Please take a moment
A day
A week
All the time you need
To heal
Once you have done this
We will return to this place
The hole we sealed together
And with you
We shall sit quietly
And watch the new you
Ed Roberts 07/06/17

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