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Heated exuberance

Marriage is no barrier to love

It is said that new love will push old love out

Of the way, but that's not strictly true, especially

In the case of a casual fling; when nothing is lost

And nothing is gained save perhaps for a few

Moments of fleeting pleasure. Not to everyone's

Taste naturally, but it happens and all the pietism

In the world will not alter human nature and thus

Such encounters are entered into and exited with

Eyes wide open in the knowledge they may be

Brushed under the carpet, papered over and

Forgotten and loss, if loss there was, no more

Than a hapless packet of seeds


They loved each other with a passion and both

Lived life to the full and when apart life fulfilled

Their every need. Back home, a whiff of unfamiliar

Cologne or perfume drew a quizzical eye but only

As a stimulant to an enthusiastic 'little something'

Later spent in a heated atmosphere of aphrodisiac

Exuberance. Infidelity? Not all bad news then


Cutting a dash, effortless style and the trappings

Of wealthformidable instruments of gluttony and

Temptation. When enough is never enough and the

Night is young. So young in fact that a tux or a

Dazzling dress out on their own may in the heat

Of the moment cultivate a longing for contact

Someone to hold, someone to touch, someone to…


The roller silently braked, the chauffeur alighted

And the lounge instantly responded craning their

Necks to see who of such opulence was to presently

Grace their company. Not hard to find company when

Your Ghost was seen arriving and your driver loading

The lift. Watched from the foyer to the room, from the

Room to the bar and from the bar to the restaurant

Money dining alone, back at the bar alone


Money, the root of all evil and also the means by

Which heaps of evil may be procured should that

Be your wish or whim. 'Whim' what a lovely word

'I did it on a whim,' a perfunctory action, no fault of

Your own then? Soft lights, music and suitors galore

A backless dress and the back of a daring hand

Gently making its presence felt whilst in the other a

Forgiving cocktail, a carefully prepared 'Sweet Heat'

Purchased on the recommendation of the sommelier


Where was her husband? What did he do? casual

Idle curiosity, nimbly dealt with and side-stepped

With heaps of feminine flair. A predator flair careful

Not to drive away what could easily be the catch

Of the night. Smart, handsome, well educated, no

Rough edges. Hands superbly manicured and

Ready to please. Nothing too hasty, too soon, but

Definitely potential for later


Later, came around sooner than expected. The

More she looked at him, the more she wanted him

Here was a man money couldn't possibly buy and

Securing his attention a test, or so she thought, of

Every skill in her book. Was it cleavage, legs, eyes?

What was his weakness and how to appeal to it

Without appearing obvious or worse still



There are things money can buy and things far

Beyond the crudity of cash and this was one of

Those occasions. What he didn't know was how

She felt about him, all he knew was how felt about

Her and being a man of means he knew his wealth

Was of no consequence to a woman who already

Had it all and thus money was never going to

Spring the locks on her lingerie. So how to

Impress? Was it to be formal or casual?


Like the title of a poem 'Love finds a way' indeed

Love does, love in a lift to be precise, love in an

Elevator on a journey to fresh heights of escapism

Risk and unashamed selfness...but I'm getting

Ahead of myself


He was already in the lift when she joined him, both

Urgently en route for their rooms and wardrobes. He

Found her absolutely stunning in a way that entered

And left his body through every follicle of every hair

That presently stood on end. For her part, too many

Mirrors, nowhere to look but the floor, so close she

Could feel his body heat and hear him breathing… It

Was then a daring hand again reached out, touching

Her, wanting her. She turned, their eyes met and

Taking a key from his pocket he disabled the lift

Which came to a silent but abrupt halt pushing the

Two occupants together. No need for words now

Words would spoil everything. It was his lift, his

Hotel and his duty to give every guest his best

Attention at all times


He had a gorgeous wife too, but I'll leave

That for another time

© Joseph G Dawson



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