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Dont RUN away from --TROUBLE
because if you do it could very well become worse and double

When--TROUBLES-- come
be brave confident sure and strong dont hide and cowardly run

Face your--TROUBLE-- head to head
if not and you run more--TROUBLES-- much greater you may dread

Dont -run -away -from--TROUBLES-- -in -your -living---love--- and --life
face it embrace it and take it and beat every a turmoil--TROUBLES--and--strife

When--TROUBLES-- come--BE--BRAVE--dont--get--weak--and--become--undone
face --every --TROUBLE--toe-- to --toe --head --on--dont --get --up --and --hide --or--run


By john d jungers
14th of july 2017

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Dont run away from trouble if you do it may become double