A girl with many stories "i love you all." 
  Hiqma Humaidan author878 Journals

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Written at 15 years old 

A lonely girl wishing to look tall and thin 
Short and fat and tautned ugly
She wore her heart on her sleeve 
But unless she's given a chance
How would you ever notice 
I cut my hair and you said i looked like big mamas house
I changed my style i'm fatty frankin doll 
I learned slowly image is only scenary 
If you cant feel love it means nothing 
I tried to make you notice me 
How much i wanted to be noticed 
As the lovely girl who has pretty eyes 
I hide my hair away now so i only have my eyes
As the window to show how much you mean 
A pretty smile in your direction
You don't even know i'm alive
Let alone remember my name 
I was just the short fat girl with no personality 
Because you bully me until i'm too anxious to speak 

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