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To Mate Or Not To Mate

Man controls the Earth
Which is in such a state;
Because when humans meet.  
They just set about and mate:
That they control the planet
Is just not sufficient reason
For not bothering  with
The usual mating season.
Now making love is natural
But try to understand please
Don't be obsessed with that area
Between the navel and the knees.
Take up a cleaner life style.
You just can't beat the power
Of lowering the libido by use
Of frequent  long cold showers
If we continue with  
Those habits so very lax
It's wont be long before
They'll introduce a sex tax.
So, increase the working week
Cut down the workers' leisure
Take away the energy needed
For enjoying  sexual pleasure.
Replaced zips and buttons with
Those awkward hooks and eyes
Wear an extra layer between
The navel and the thighs,
Put Bromide in their water
Control that mating urge
Let the planet recover from
That human  breeding surge.
In time we'll soon have a  
Smaller healthier nation
If we  just learn to ration
Those joys of fornication.
And, maybe, just maybe
Not have that awful fuss
Of having to fight for seats on
An early morning train or bus

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