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Life's battle

When all has been said and done,
When life's battles are lost or won,
When Death's portal at last is shattered,
Has my life on earth truly mattered?

When the course of life has been run,
All my struggles at last over and done;
Will the actions I've taken on earth,
From the grave back to the moment of my birth,

Have meaning after I cease to breathe?
Give cause for any on this world to grieve?
I ponder these thoughts nigh every day,
From the moment I rise till I kneel to pray.

Sometimes this old life seems such a chore,
And I wonder if there's meaning or just a bore.
Then I see my wife smile at me
Or hear my granddaughter chortle in glee.

Yes, life has meaning if you have eyes to see
Wars to win and battles to flee.
Life is finite not infinitely long,
So pick your battles and sing your song.

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Life`s battle