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A trip
I use to love
Filled with excitement and happiness
Windows down music blaring
Flying by on Highway 55
Passing under a bridge that meant nothing
Any other day
Planning to hang out with a friend on campus
While on campus one day
The day was November 18
Stepping out of my car
Barely having my second foot on the ground
My phone started to ring
Running late not wanting to pick up
Not knowing the number almost declined but I answered
Thrilled I picked up
My longtime friend’s mom was on the line
She said Maddie Carter’s gone he died in a single car crash last night
I asked are you sure it’s him and not someone that looks like him
The response was we are sure it’s him
Skipping classes that day
Calling into work saying I couldn’t make it
The trip
That once was loved
So happy, and filled with love passion and excitement
Turned to filled with memories
Windows up music just loud enough
Now the bridge on 55 that intersects highway 3 bridge means everything to me
The place where a life was taken at the age of nineteen
Unable to plan to hang out with a friend on campus now
Forcing myself to keep busy
Especially now in the summer
Always on campus
Thinking of you
Planning for the rest of my life
Realizing you won’t be graduating with me
Wishing you would be able to be there
Wondering if we would transfer to the same school
Unable to help but to wonder
Going to the same schools since second grade
Thru freshman year of college
Half the time in the same classes
Missing you
Your caring, happy, personality, and smile
No matter what was going on you always stopped to check in with everyone you knew
It never was a quick hi how are you while passing by
You cared about every person that you knew
Thinking you aren’t in pain anymore
I’ll forever think of you
I’ll always remember you
15 forever

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