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followers of the identity crisis

It blows my mind how deceived our society is
We like to wrap things in hearts and colors
And call it love for peace of mind
We wave flags and promote ideas that are seemingly endearing
All while our hearts grow cold to truth
Ignorance…. Or is it, deception…
Or maybe it's choosing to turn the blind eye to what lies beneath?
We wear blindfolds, and hearts on our t-shirt pockets
Following blind people down dark roads.
We don't enjoy the discomfort of thinking beyond the surface level,
or choosing to unwrap our very own blindfolds…
Instead, we join in on the selfish endeavors that actually imprison our very souls
We like to call it freedom, when our very spirits-
are conflicted.
Our real hearts are buried in lies
Covered by fake Instagram smiles, and
Money making propagandas created by the media
while we foolishly follow it like puppy dogs.
I'm ashamed.
I'd rather be alone, and face God in the eyes
and say, I wanted to know YOUR heart
Than pretend He doesn't exist.
We blog about discrimination,
when we are doing our own
entities, and creative minds a disservice.
What actually lies,
below the hearts and minds of those who suffer from
"identity crisis'?"
Is it pain and traumas they've never asked for?
There is a difference between loving all mankind
And choosing to sugarcoat it in wrongdoings that look like 
stickers and unicorns.

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followers of the identity crisis