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Am feelin somber, tierd, and--BLUE
as traveling on a GREYHOUND, crowded bus , is exhausting--TOO

Right now jerking motion, back and forth, in --crazy--normal--usual--same--old--same--old---LA--freeway rush hour early mornin--TRAFFIC
is just making me sea--motion--SICK

So, another three hours to go at least on this rockin and rollin-- great-adventure--ride

Here on the west california--coast
its alot more cloudy and smoggy, not like the shiny boiling desert where-- 116--degrees--in--the--shade--you--fry--bake--and--ROAST

Am feeling kinda somber, sad and--BLUE
especially--looking--all--around--me--at--this--LA--congested--crowded--freeway--with bumper to

but after being stuck  in this crazy mess of a traffic and inchin and pinchin--to--move---a--mile-per--minute--back--to--the--desert--bright--sunny--and--no--traffic--id--rather--BE--and--roast

The older that you get
the more impatient that you get and being stuck in traffic is your regret

Feelin somber blue and very exhausted and expired
after an all night long bus ride this stop and go bump and bump traffic -- makes me feel frayed--and--blue-- and --tierd--and--unwired

So the trip i will endure as i usually do
and before  too long in a couple more bumpy hours this great greyhound adventure will be in the books done and through

By john d jungers

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Somber tierd and blue