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Dream Walker


Dream Walkers

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A dream remembered
Lived . . .
Then painfully sat aside
Becomes an indelible memory
Within the soul
That yearns for happiness

'To sleep perchance to dream'

A borrowed line from poet's pen
within a conscious desire
To drift beyond
The reality of our today
And wake to hold the hope
We have found within the
Enlightenment of the dream

Striving to find ourselves
Within its realization

Often finding only tears

We travel
Upon chosen paths
In relentless quest
To bring peace and joy
To our restless existence

The dream in wistful flight
Remains always to be

Our . . .
It could have been's

It was

Or our . . .
It was not meant to be's

Elusive to reality
Sought after
But sometimes never found

The dream stands between
Who we are
Who we wish we could be
And whom we have become

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Endless miles of fallen footsteps
To search for our reality

At times finding
Only disappointment
And heartache

The question of
Why . . Why always?!

Left for a time
To become a stumbling block
To our 'What still can be'
Wherein the cocoon's silk
Is broken and the dream
Is free to dance

The chance . . .
Found to be a most worthy risk

The dreamer walks
The endless miles
Of hopes and fears
In the realization

To choose not to dream . . .

Leaves but empty footsteps upon
A cold and lonely pathway

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

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Dream Walker