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     “The Big Blue”
He was way past
being afraid
his out come
had already been
he looked out
a 1-foot by 2-foot portal
the angle he was
drifting at
had him facing
the earth and sun
but he was drifting,
he had time
though it was
for the first time
he took in
all the shades of blue
reflected off the earth
back to him
he had been in space
for a week
to busy with experiments
to even notice
the subtle merging
of blues
creating a dizzying display
of color,
but that was
five days ago
before the accident
a simple docking procedure
with the I.S.S.
that went way wrong
and left him with
an orbit
that was decaying,
he grabbed his log book
thumbed through
to a blank page
and starts to
put in to words
this beautiful picture
that is laid out
before him
his pen riding easily
across the page
words and thoughts
flowing freely
from a completely
unobstructed mind
and in mere minutes
he composes
the kind of a poem
he never thought himself
capable of writing
he knows
he’ll never share it
with anyone
and that hurts him
this beautiful scene
his heart felt words
he would have liked
sharing this
with someone
before he has too
die alone up here
in a 225 mile high
he unzips a pocket
pulls out an I-pod
“Music to Die by”
he thinks
what would he have
if he had known
he had an hour
before his death
to fill with music,
he didn’t even try
to begin a list
he just selected
and hit play
the fuzzy blue
of the planet
becoming much
the sun
at his back
as his orbit
swings him closer
to the big blue,
he thinks about
his first kiss
with her,
the sweat
stinging his eyes
the internal cabin heat
well above 110 degrees,
he wished
he would have told her
“I Love You”
that summer night
that is turning out
to be their last,
he struggles to breath
the hot humid air
choking him
as he fights
to push it down
he knows
it will soon
be over,
closing his eyes
trying to remember
every detail
of that night
with her
as his random
sound track
plays on,
her hands
had felt so soft
their fingers
locked together
facing each other
leaning way back
then pulling
their bodies
towards one another
till their noses
the ship is
violently shaking
everything is hot
so very hot
he can’t breath
he wants to
fingers still
as she starts
to lean back
he quickly
pulls her close
and kisses her,
as he hears
the sounds
of his screams
follow him
in to the Blue…
     Tom Allen…08-06-2017…