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Seek the Lord where He may be found,
Call on Him while He is near;
Listen up for hearing the sound,
Paying homage as to revere.
Let the wicked abandon ways,
Let the evil abandon views;
Stop acting like a dog that strays,
Adopting spiritual values.
Let them return unto the Lord,
He will show them His compassion;
No longer for to be ignored,
Rather in forgiving fashion.
His thoughts are not what you think,
His style is not your style;
In most ways you are out of sync,
Still thinking like a gentile.
Just as Heaven higher than earth,
So are the ways higher for God;
But to Him He knows your true worth,
In spite the fact you have been flawed.
For your thoughts could never compare,
To that of the thoughts of the Lord;
Trying to hide rather than share,
Seeking to be in one accord.
Rain and snow come down from the sky,
But they flow not back up again;
Until they quench the ground where dry,
Nourishing the seed to be grain.
They make the seed to sprout and grow,
Producing crops for farmers to glean;
So they are able to bestow,
First fruits to God from what has been.
His Word comes like the snow and rain,
It will come back without results;
During the summer causing such pain,
Hot and dry bringing out insults.
It executes His desire,
Achieves whatever He wants done;
Rest assured He does acquire,
Whatever the Lord has begun.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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