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 From the Heart Through the Pen

There's a spot in my heart 
That will never belong to anyone but you
Ha, who am I kidding
It's no longer my heart...it's yours

La Donna Più Bella
The most Bella of Donnas 
The way her smile accentuates her face
Her emeralds illuminate the path to her soul
This view never grows old
It's the cause of my inability to escape 
Her lips and how they taste
How they get my heart to race
The sweet touch of her fingers
The electricity they exude
Ignites what has long been extinguished
A fate I thought I would forever elude
Got my heart and soul speaking languages
Rosetta can't even distinguish
Aerosmith isn't the only with things they don't wanna miss
So I take another moment to admire
This Angel, Queen, Warrior, & Goddess
How did I ever get so blessed
And we're still just talking the surface
I'd be remised to not mention
Her unwavering passion and steadfast loyalty 
Which knows many sacrifices and devotion
Her resilience unmatched
Who knew I'd become a pupil 
She taught me to love like I knew I could 
Just never thought I would 
Giving me infinite reasons why I should
The sources I was able to glimpse
On many different occasions
Without her knowledge 
Heavily guarded cause of reasons quite brutal
I did my best to embrace them 
Wary of her possible refusal 
She recommended me being armored
Cause the edges could be quite lethal
Being so entranced I disregarded
Any and all pain I could endure
Would be worth all the beauty 
I was about to get intimate with
Oh such features...I'm blinded
Multiple reasons why 
I fell before I was ready to admit
Never regretting why I leapt
Such a unique path
To get to His Gift
The journeys, the struggles, the battles
The pains
She'll always be worth it
¥☼MOI☼¥  19 Aug 17
Oh how "your" heart reminisces
A needed light 
Created by your best features
To shine
In such dark moments

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