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 From the Heart Through the Pen

"Oh My Soul"
Traveling these roads
Lost in the Catatonic state...
Pain I can't even put into words
Visions so blurred
You can imagine why 
I would leap if I hadn't already leapt
Instead of love
Please give me death
Instead I got depth
How'd I get back here
Am I that inept
I swear she helped me out
I'm not delusional am I
Her love and mine
I swear we sowed it
I mean we had it in our hearts and eyes
...Two pistols locked and loaded
My temples are where they're pointed
Who knew she'd pull the trigger
Now hope is the only thing gracing these fingers
How the momentum shifts
Nothing concrete left in my grips 
So I've got to hold onto something
Or just follow the common theme
Seems giving up on me is the consensus
So I'll follow suit
Can't take back my heart 
He's developed roots
There's no changing fact
So I've gotta do what I've gotta do
He's in good hands now
Still no sign of my soul 
This life thing sure is getting cold
She isn't the first 
She will be the last
Beauty spawned from ashes
But what's she doing with those matches
She must've doubted what I meant 
When I said even past always and forever 
Do you have to be at peace
In order to lay to rest
Even if hope is all I have left
Who'd guess these would be
The sixth and seventh order of effects
From the moment she theft 

¥☼MOI☼¥  9 Aug 17

I have oceans full of for you
Since you made a promise
You've always kept
You asked me to catch you
You told me with a smile it was a success
I confessed my fears
You said you'd make them disappear
You did
Never has my smile shined bigger and brighter

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