My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr
“Lives Mirrored”
Fate brought you into my life and heart
I sent you a smile and you messaged back
Mutual attraction, a work of art
But it’s more than that, it’s our soundtrack
A great life starts with pancakes and ends with sunsets
Our first date was over pancakes; it was hard to leave
We mirror each other in so many ways, but have no regrets
Our values are in sync, our goals to achieve
Must love dogs, chocolate, and intimacy; a perfect match
You even have a plan for a house on the beach
The beginning of a romance, ready to hatch
All that’s left to learn is what we each have to teach
You are my daily sunset and calm the storm inside me
Your thoughtfulness, loyalty, and protective nature is the key
All rights reserved by the author, Jean Parr, through, Copyright 2017