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The amazing taste
The rush of energy
The thrill of mixing flavors
Always new kinds to try
Everything from original to berry, to lemonade
Growing up with you
Having you before I was seven
Soon became my life
Especially when working fast food
Years later
Told I could have some
Realizing weeks later
If I have even some I will get dramatically worse
for the rest of the day
knowing I have to give it up
scared and not knowing how
you have been my life for so long
a rock when times were bad
helping me stay awake after a sleepless night
wanting to have you
missing you ever so much
dealing and coping without you
unable to fully focus with not having you
once my life
a life fully revolved around you
I’ll fully miss the taste
The energy that you gave
A battle now and forever
To refuse you
So hard to refuse
Since you are my ultimate weakness
A crutch that’s hard to release
Knowing I must say goodbye

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Now and forever