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“The Smile”
He was just
going to say hi
but as he
walked up to her
she started giving him
the most interesting
of smiles,
he couldn’t quite
classify it,
it had an
awkward shyness
to it
that was
balanced out
with the honesty
of youth.
He asked her
about life,
was she still riding
the same straight
line of normalcy
that she was
a week ago
or has she
taken a turn
towards a
more adventurous
and with that
her smile
just got bigger
more radiant
taking over
her whole face
as she
explained about
the storyline
she was working on
for English-lit,
he was curious
about her project
and would
love to read
whatever it is
she wrote
but he almost
killed the moment
forgetting to
say as much
to her,
he was just
caught in a
visual net
by this
young woman’s
it took him
a couple of beats
to realize
the pause
of dead air
should have been
filling up
with his words
he broke off
his borderline
close quarters
filled the empty
with a few
loosely connected
and right before
he turned to leave
he couldn’t resist
the overpowering
to tell her
“You wear that Smile”
“So Well”
and then he
gave her
an uncontrolled
of his own…
     Tom Allen…08-18-2017…