many sides to Rosey

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Last June…

Driving hundreds of miles

To meet up with a crush

Once we laid eyes on each other

We knew it was love at first sight


Last July…

Exploring each other

Enjoying the honeymoon bliss

Vacationing in Destin, Florida

Adding a Y to Destin


Last August…

Two months together

Rings were exchanged, love was declared

As we cherished each other’s company

In Atlanta, GA, Asheville, NC and our home


Last September…

Work stole hours from us

Yet we stole kisses and looks

I was head over heels for you

Our lips always hot and heavy for each other


Last October…

We packed up our life in Spartanburg

And headed up North with our stuff and our babies

As we started a new life together

In Pittsburgh, and a new phase of life


Last November…

You wined and seduced me

As we celebrated my birthday

In the warmth of a candle-lit room

With the fire roaring in the fireplace


Last December…

Six months together

As we celebrated Christmas together

And welcomed in the New Year,

The new decade, the new century, and the new millennium


Last January…

I started graduate school

With wonderful, continual support from you

And we settled into a routine

Of work, school, and home life


Last February…

We had work, school, and each other

To keep us busy,

Not to mention our weekends

And the visit to your sister in Maryland


Last March…

Enjoying time together

Exploring as many corners

In this area together as possible

Between school and work


Last April…
Dealing with a fast-paced life

Of spring break, of visits

From both families

Not to mention school and work


Last May…

As I finished up school

And we continued to spend

Our every free minute with each other

Playing games, talking, and going on rides


Now, it is June again

A year since I first stood at your door

We have come a full circle

Of a ring of our love and our life together

Happy One Year Anniversary, My Love

@Rosey 2000. All rights reserved.