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Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche

Such lovely women, a beautiful couple,

Especially stars of Hollywood

Whom the world watched and followed


Ellen, so masculine, yet so pretty

And Anne, so feminine, yet so tough

They smiled, and held hands in public

As the cameras flashed, and people observed


Pictures of the couple were savored by lesbians

And websites on them were designed and set up
People opposed, and people supported

Yet Ellen and Anne continued to smile


Their love affair lasted for three years

And now, they are nothing but a distant memory

Ellen, on to her new show, and her life

And Anne, married to a man, and pregnant


The world’s most-watched lesbian couple

Was no more, shattering the rainbows in our eyes

I sadly browsed through countless of pictures

Of the lovely couple, in their brighter days


Even though Ellen and Anne may be no more, 

There is still another bewitching couple,

You and Me,

Another Ellen and Anne, but only a forever one.

@ Rosey (2001/2002?) All rights reserved.