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I am a prisoner of Christ,
Certainly you have heard by now;
Keeping me from being enticed,
That is a mystery of how.
I have responsibility,
Of bringing kindness unto you;
Of any immorality,
That by chance you possibly do.
You have heard that He had let me know,
This mystery revelation;
Revealing it to you to show,
The highway to your salvation.
As you read you will understand,
About the mystery of Christ;
And just what it will all demand,
From Him becoming sacrificed.
For in the past this was not known,
Like the people started to know;
Discontented as you hear them groan,
A fast pace world God moves too slow.
But the Holy Spirit revealed,
To His apostles and prophets;
About the Good News that was sealed,
Is holding the winning tickets.
This mystery is the Gospel,
For all those that are not Jewish;
Inheritance for all people,
All in the Lord that do cherish.
They belong to the same and share,
As promise through Jesus Christ made;
Committed confessions in prayer,
Anything God would have forbade.
I am a servant of Good News,
For building a community;
For any people who did choose,
Jesus to be in unity.
I am the least of all people,
Yet, God showed me kindness given;
Teaching others of the Gospel,
The chance of going to Heaven.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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