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After a --FALLING --out --ARGUMENT
it leaves a person feeling disturbed, twisted, and--BENT

After an all out mean attack and talking back --ARGUMENT, --and the day after the --AFTER--SHOCK
leaves a person feeling just tierd, expired, with little energy zest, or get up and go, feeling very somber quiet and still, not even feelin to speak, write, communicate --or--TALK

leave a person feeling --disappointment--anger--betrayal--disrespect--neglect-- and--RESENT

Sometimes, --the----HARD--LINE----has --to --BE--DEFINED
and in an ARGUMENT, your  WORDS  become  LOUD  and  HARD,  to the  FACT  and  POINT, ---and----UNKIND

But --the-- POINT. --of-- no --RETURN
in --an --ARGUMENT, --is --that --the --other --persons-- ACTIONS--and---non-actions-- are --WRONG---and--- have ---been ---WRONG--for --so --very, --very, --very, --YEARS--and--YEARS--and--YEARS--and--LONG-- and --a -----HARD--LESSON---again--now----to----a--------thirty-two-year old SON. ----As --with ----me. --HE--HAS--TO--CHANGE--REARRANGE--GROW--UP--BE--RESPONSIBLE--and--GET--a---JOB----and----LEARN

By john d JUNGERS
28th of august 2017

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After a FALLING OUT argument