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For the well to do, and the folks who have more than enough and--PLENTY
its only fitting, that after the recent disastrous historic horrific devastating destruction from the ravenging flooding and hurricane rain and winds that they can reach out and --HELP,-- those who are --LEFT-- with nothing and not --ANY


Hopefully folks who have the means to HELP, and make an IMPACT--and--DIFFERENCE--WILL

The -common -working -STRUGGLING--average-- person, --they --alone-- are --SURVIVING --to --stay--afloat--and---make-- ends ---MEET
and ---those--- who--- have--- so ---much ---LUXERIOUS--LAVISH-- over--the--top---LIVINGS-- more,---HOPEFULLY-- they --will --REACH-- OUT--and ---HELP, ---and ---INSPIRE----the---- other ----very -very -very-very-RICH---and---wealthy --wealthy--wealthy----ELITES

Instead of eatting out and spending hundreds of dollars on a single--MEAL--and--OUTING
just imagine from one person --HOW-- a- little sacrifice of a few hours could help hundreds and --, bring --needed--- AID--FOOD--COMFORT-- and --CLOTHING-- and --SHELTER-- and --the ---PEACE--LOVE--and--HAPPINESS-- it --could----BRING

The --entertainers-- hopefully-- could-- put-- on --a --BENEFIT-- CONCERT
to -HELP -all -those -in -harms- way -and -HELP- them --REGROUP-- RECOVER-- RECOUP--REBUILD-- and ---HEAL--- from --this --natural --disaster-- HORRIFIC---- HURT

For--the--WORLD--OVER--and-- every-- human-- being, --we --sincerely-- PRAY
that -all -do -all -they- can -LOVINGLY--GENEROUSLY--- to -help -any -other -who -is -DOWN- and -OUT-- HURT--TROUBLED-- with --HURTS--DEVASTATION-- and-- DOOM----- in -----any ------BIG------or------SMALL----------LOVING-----WAY

By john d jungers
28 th of august 2017

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For the well to do and the folks who HAVE more than plenty